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Who We Are

We are a team of friends passionate about music and modular synthesis. Get in touch. We'd love to hear from you. 🐯

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Nate HOUK,


Nate is originally from Seattle, but is now based out of Amsterdam. He graduated from the University of Southern California  and spends a considerable amount of time in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. He is overly passionate about music and has travelled to over 50 countries. He is also a General Partner at Tunist Capital.






Kat Worsfold,    Executive Assistant

Kat Worsfold, 

Executive Assistant

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Ashley Hartzler, 

Director of Marketing Communications/  Director of A&R

Ashley is originally from Baltimore, Maryland but has lived in various states and countries throughout her life. She holds two bachelors degrees from Arizona State University in both Communications and Music. She has been an active part of the underground and commercial electronic music industry for over 8 years, holding positions in marketing, artist management, radio promotion, and brand development. Her deepest passions include attending live music events, traveling the world and helping others to achieve their highest potential.                                                 

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Jesse Morris


Jesse is a Santa Monica native. He graduated from Santa Monica High School and continued his education with a BA in philosophy at UC Berkeley and a juris doctorate (cum laude), from UC Hastings. He is also a musician and composer of music himself, with skills on the piano, drums, trumpet and tuba.